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Server Name Address Players Level Uptime
All **MAD** (All The Time) 0 of 32 OF_MADSKILLZ -50 seconds
GoatCheese 2020 0 of 32 MCA_ENTRANCE -48 seconds
All Maps 2020 0 of 32 OF_LOST_CAT -47 seconds

Yea, this format is suppose to closely mimic the original server list format from the late 90s to the mid 2000s.
These servers are live and updated via a fresh Shogo Server executable that registers here as of December 2020.

As is customary per internet etiquette circa 1998: hit me up via email at
Any reason, any time... any questions, concerns or just want to organize a time to get fragged - I'm open.
Happy hunting. -NetworkDLS

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